The Story of Milk and Honey

Jennifer started her own business in 2003 doing event planning and floral design. She has worked on gatherings for everything from small groups of 10 to fundraisers for over 300 guests. She has worked on photo styling for furniture catalogs, lifestyle magazines and wedding blogs. She opened her home in early 2011 to host events on her three acre farm, Milk & Honey. Wanting to branch out and be able to travel more, she no longer does events at the farm, but loves to style from North Santa Barbara County to Los Angeles.

Collecting items to decorate the farm had become a passion (and slight obsession!) and realizing there are others that like to use these items for their events or photo shoots, she decided to start renting vintage props for others to use. With a background in vintage clothing, costuming, theater props/set decorating and photo styling, Jennifer loves to create vignettes for any occasion.

Our team of designers and vintage enthusiasts have backgrounds in graphic design, retail, theater, event coordination, fund raising and office management.

We hope you enjoy what you see and if you do not find what you are looking for give us a holler, we are always out hunting and adding to our collection and want to help you find that one of a kind piece and decor that is perfect for your event.

“Why the name Milk & Honey Farm?”
Imagine a place where rolling green grass is dotted with a menagerie of chickens, turkeys and other creatures grazing in the warm sunlight. A place where two frisky goats scamper to the gate to greet whom ever might happen by, hoping to get a treat of some sort. A large barn sits to one side of the property, majestically overlooking the parcel, welcoming guests to sit a spell in the shade it provides and sip lemonade. This is Milk & Honey Farm, named not only for the promise of the food it could provide, but for the comfort and reassurance of what it is, the promised land and home, my home. -Jennifer